Rattan furniture and its benefits

Rattan furniture and its benefits

Decorating your home is not a rule that you must comply to, it is something that you do out of happiness and love. It is almost like putting out a piece of your heart for others to see your appreciation for art, design, style and colours. It is also one of the most creatively satisfying and playful acts, where there is lots to learn, explore and implement. For many, it is a never-ending process because they love to experiment. Also, there is always something new, classy, intriguing, irresistible and sustainable in the market too.    

If you are redoing your décor, moving to a new house or thinking of adding something interesting to your best collection, now is the time to go for something artistical, spirited and sustainable. Rattan seems to be a popular choice in the market. It is a natural material which is flexible, inexpensive and pretty stylish. The best thing about it that it cares for the environment and can be bent or woven into a wide variety of shapes and patterns. They appear to be rough and rustic but can accomplish array of products – furniture, picnic baskets, rugs, benches, organizers, tabletop accessories, accent chairs, headboards, statement lamps, lanterns, storage boxes etc. 

Rattan products have the power to transform your favourite corners into a perfect example of luxury and elegance. They have already been recognised by the modern design idiom. Let us decode them for their style, features and benefits.    

What is Rattan?

Rattan is known to be one of the strongest woods which is incredibly adaptable, environmental-friendly, sustainable and affordable. Rattan is available in abundance and it also regenerates in every five years. It is procured from the palm trees that flourish in the tropical locations. Rattan is clean, green and very thoughtful about the environment. It makes for a very versatile and sustainable choice for furniture designing. The intricate interweaving and the open, airy nature of the weave designs, borrowed from various countries make rattan products, effortlessly cool and visually appealing. 

Rattan made its presence felt in Asia first. Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Vietnam are some of the countries where it is pretty popular and made in bulk. These outgrowths of palm trees are harvested, washed, cured, dried and handmade into designer furniture and traditional crafts by local artisans. When you use rattan furniture, you also support local community and the artisans who turn it into elements of timeless style.

Modern Rattan – Outdoor as well as Indoor Furniture

Rattan furniture has gained popularity for its natural looks, low maintenance and lightweight nature. When it made its presence felt, it was considered best-suited for open areas only, i.e., garden, lawns, cafeterias, restaurants, and rooftop lounges. However, now rattan has entered in our closed spaces too, with elan. The products made from rattan are elegant and stylish and add a great aesthetics value to the space. The plus is that it is very strong and is a no-fuss material. It may seem handwork but steam is required to bend its organic fibres, to set it firmly and give it a shape. One can say, rattan is robust and has a softer (designer) side to itself, as well.

Rattan is extremely good for the environment

  • Rattan is sustainable. They are extremely fast growing and require very less water. They are highly renewable. The crops self-regenerate and this makes its extremely caring for the environment by saving the soil erosion part.
  • It is fully biodegradable. At the end of the lifecycle, it gets decomposed properly.
  • They are a perfect replacement for plastic. Rattan home accessories like storage boxes and wicker baskets are perfect utility for homes.
  • They require no pesticides or chemicals and they absorb a lot of greenhouse gases while growing up.
  • They are durable and have a long life, thus doing good to the environment.

How does Rattan fit in our homes?

Living room - Rattan blends in with various décor styles, be it boho, beachy, traditional, modern, minimalist or trendy. It immediately lends natural and earthy feel to the living room. Rattan chairs and tables are the most popular and they come in all shapes and sizes. The best part about the seating products is that they need minimal cushioning or no cushion at all. Most of the chairs are crafted in a manner that they are perfect for relaxing your body. And to give them a stylish twist, they can always be accessorized with throws, cushions and rugs. Also, rattan baskets can be tucked in every room, literally anywhere in the house. 

Kids rooms - Rattan accessories are a perfection addition to the kid’s room. - They are low maintenance, easy-to-clean and sturdy enough to bear all kinds of wear and tears. A rattan reading chair or storage boxes are perfect for kids. Some boxes also come with rollers making it easy for children to just throw in their toys and roll the box from one room to another.  

Outside Deck and Garden - Leisure time often becomes longer and cosier with rattan chairs in your garden or patios. Being weather resistant, this tropical material is a hit for the outdoors. It adds a casual and refreshing appeal to the ambiance.

Toilets and Bathroom- Rattan baskets, organizers, laundry storage boxes are in vogue in bathrooms. It helps to create a neutral impact with its earthiness.

For even more impact, you can add interesting rattan light fixtures in almost every room of the house. 

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