Hand woven textiles- throws, rugs, cushions

Hand woven textiles- throws, rugs, cushions

Handwoven textiles are timeless and packed with personality. They know how to work their way into our homes, wardrobes and interiors. How? They are backed with unsaid aura, a raw-cum-organic influence, vibrancy and top-notch craftsmanship. Handwoven win hands down as they come fully committed with sustainability too. They do not deplete our non-renewable energies nor do they overburden the Earth with waste. They are designed such that they can be used multiple times over the years. All around the world, artisans, who have acquired their skills through generations, have been creating amazing collection of unique goods with hand woven textiles. For the love of archaic artistry and impeccable charm, handwoven fabrics have found their use and expression in a gamut of styles and genres. They are seamless and trendsetting even in upholstery and home furnishings. 

What is the charm of handwoven textiles?

Fabrics bring in yards of history with themselves. In the past, usually all decisions of buying a certain item were made based on its fabric. Today, we still consider many other factors - style, softness, fashion quotient and durability of the item. But one thing that remains constant is that anything that comes from the loom is authentic, durable and artistic. The traditional weaving techniques lend a unique character to the fabric. No doubt, hand woven fabric is expensive but we must respect the fact that they come as a by-product of a time-intensive process.

Handweaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts and we should be happy to embrace it in our everyday lives. If you have been buying handwoven fabrics for your home and yourself, you have been practicing sustainability along with style. Well done!

Handwoven fabrics are soft, simple and sturdy. Also, they breathe much better, thus being comfortable for the user. There are many countries which produce handwoven textiles like India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Egypt, China, Thailand, etc. In fact, India is globally renowned for its wonderful handwoven textile products from its various states. 

How do we find out if its handwoven?

The threads spill the beans. Almost all fabrics can be categorized under two types. If the threads have a series of loops, it is easy to conclude that its knit but if the threads have a perpendicular criss-cross pattern, it’s got to be woven. Handwoven is more sophisticated. It does not have a typical bulk made lifeless texture  because it is made by passion, love and hard work using handloom. Every piece is unique and has a story to tell.

Handwoven textiles often face competition from poorer quality and synthetic substitutes but handweaving has been a deep-rooted craft in for the ones who love to indulge in quality and thus the artists will go on.  The quality of hand-woven textile is unique and the natural and sustainable fibres carry forward the legacy of the artisan. 

Tastefully Handwoven - Throws and Cushions

Who doesn’t love to order a pile of handwoven and handcrafted cushion covers and throws for their home? They immediately make a room look chic and colourful. The throws (smallish blankets) and cushion covers make a great pair. They are the go-to indulgence whenever you need to refresh the comforts of your home and fancy that Instagram look.  They are multi-functional and can be used for snuggling, lounging, or adding an emphasizing style, anywhere and everywhere.

Throws are versatile. They are easy to use. Be it cosy winters or sunny summers, throws made from handwoven textiles make a perfect fit. They never fail to add a dash of style to your old furniture and provide a warm covering. In some homes, they serve a purpose, in some they are simply used as a decoration element, but wherever they are, they stand out.  Stuff made from handwoven textile add a lot of creativity and cosiness to the house. A lot depends on how they are displayed. And they make great gifts too.

Cushion covers have become to be an integral part of our homes. They are decorative, aesthetic and comfortable. In the changed times, while we are spending more time indoors, it is essential to choose convenience and comfort over style and charm. From floral to bohemian to artistic, cushion covers can be a complete subject in themselves. It all depends on how we wish to decorate our house. If you are not afraid to experiment, go classy and seek attention to detail and highest benchmark of quality, handwoven is what you may be seeking. 

Rugs, Carpets lend hygge to your homes

If you are bored of your old flooring and uninspiring room, zest it up with a carpet or a beautiful handwoven rug. You just have to harmonize your pick with other elements of the room and in no time, you will be pleased with the cohesive look. A blend of contemporary and vintage suits every home. All you have to do is let your personal taste take charge and let the energy of handwoven fabrics, art, design and style flow. On some of the days, one can also socialise, relax and enjoy their leisure time by laying down on their beautiful set of rugs and carpets. Pets love them too.   

Rugs lend hygge to your home and add a lot of warmth underfoot.  Chemical and toxin-free, made with sustainable fibres, hand-knotted rug is the best choice to complement our organic lifestyle. The natural weave of patterns can be very soothing for both, heart and mind. Some of them are painstakingly created by great craftsmen and one can actually see the skill of the artisan ooze from their gorgeous braids and weaves.   

Every house murmurs its characteristic and reflects the style of the people who live in it. We believe that a better understanding of handwoven fabrics will guide you to make beautiful, sustainable and trendy choices. At Moonwit, we aim to care for your choices and for the environment too.   

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