Evolution of home decor - What does your abode say?

Evolution of home decor - What does your abode say?

Have you ever been curious to know as to how did our civilization fall in love with the idea of home styling, what made ornamental aesthetics so intrinsic to our lifestyle and which home décor trends have evolved over the years? In the race of conquests and survivals, events like Industrial Revolution, German Bauhaus, The World Wars, Great Depression and currently, Pandemic, have played a significant role. These global occurrences not only took the world by storm but in no time, entered our spaces too. As we further turn the pages of history, we must also give credit to the art movements like Art Deco, Art Noveau, etc. and décor styles like Tuscan, Eclectic, Contemporary, etc that emerged as a source of creative inspiration. It has been observed that following the turbulent times, we often took solace in rejuvenated perspectives and spirit. Simultaneously, we also prospered to own luxurious items and took up pursuits like decorating our homes.

We have come a long way since the cave dwellers painted the walls and Ancient Egyptians made the mud huts. Our artistic passion and design ethos has been evolutionary in nature. In the 20’s, we started with bold, flashy and geometric patterns. Then, we moved on to classy, warm yet glamourous elements. Gradually we fell for muted tones, luxurious and sensory stimulated pieces. In the last few decades, the home décor trends have become more subtle, relevant, natural, state-of-the-art, comfy and cohesively balanced. Even since mankind started building houses and decorating them, the emphasis has always been on adding functional as well as aesthetically pleasing elements.

Home décor and the different style statements

The décor of the house speaks a lot about the people who live in the house, the kind of energy that they have created for themselves and their attempt to find inner joy and peace. Home décor is also about how you understand your space and turn it into a happy abode. It is about taking joy in the worldly colours and creatives. And practically, there are no rules in home décor. Anything that is warm, cosy, emotionally enriching, mood-uplifting, great for your overall health and puts you at ease is trendy.

Some people go for simplistic and sustainable home décor, some like it inspiringly vintage, some combine old and new elements while some look into the practicality, what is your style? If you do not know how to define your style statement or feel the need to overhaul your home, join Moonwit on its style-scouting trip to pick on the current trends that have taken the internet by storm currently.   

Big, Bold and Curved

If you wish to mimic the latest trends, make way for bold colours and patterns into your house. Many interior designers and home decorators feel that there will be growing demand for comfortable but artful furniture. Unique, one-of-its-kind and striking pieces of furniture will be preferred to make a bold and classy statement. Brighter colours will be used for furniture silhouettes. Also curved and artistic designs will make a serious come-back in the living rooms.

Go Green with Indoor Plants

It is very important that we continue to bring the outdoors into our rooms. Plants lend spritely, joyous attitude to the house. Green is soothing and it never goes out of fashion. The pandemic has forced us to spend a lot of time inside, thus, we must nurture our connection with nature in our homes. Use hanging plants, big indoor pots, decorative indoor plants or succulents to resonate a natural vibe. In fact, building a green corner in every room is the need of the hour. People must also invest in their balcony gardens or patios by adding plants and stylish outdoor furniture. 

Sustainable and Lasting

Embracing the idea of sustainability is the most progressive and evolving style statement. It is heartening to see how home décor is seeking a connection with our roots and traditions. A lot of natural objects, organic materials, porous surfaces are making a comeback in our homes. Conscious buyers are shifting their attention towards recyclable elements, handwoven textiles and sustainable mango wood furniture, which is good news for the Mother Earth. Thus, lasting and durable home décor elements makes a compelling case for the sustainable trend.  

Traditional is Pretty

Traditional and handmade wooden artefacts are here to stay. A big piece of wooden artefact, a traditional canvas art on the main wall, fancy handcrafted lamp in a corner, all of these intricate a sense of drama to the house. If you would love to display authentic artworks from different parts of the world, go looking for them. Despite the style evolution, traditional art has never lost its charm.

Mirrors are Chic

The wall of the gallery, passageway or corridor is the perfect canvas to play with your chic decor ideas. That is your first wall that guests see when they walk in. Decorate it fearlessly. Add a touch of personalization. Use a combination of wall frames, travel pictures, life quotes and more. A hallway mirror or a mirror in the passage is sure to magnify and enhance the entrance look. Mirrors successfully give than illusion of a bigger space. 

Light it Up with Candles

Different lights are best for different moods. Sometimes, everything seems to be perfect but you need that one thing to achieve the desirable look for your home. Here, candles never fail to lend in their magic. Lights should never be too stark, bright or loud. Home décor evolution also hints at energy saving and innovative products.

Tablescaping is love

A themed dining table is very inviting. It adds more character to the whole dining experience. Vintage pieces are always in vogue. One need not worry about the colour tones and different styles, just go for mix and match. Colourful runner, tinted glassware, funky salad bowls, beautiful serving platters, classy serve ware, eclectic serving trays, pretty charcuterie boards, fancy serving platters reflect your personal taste and love for curation.

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