Different geographies and respective interiors and decor

Different geographies and respective interiors and decor

Global Palette of Interior Design and Decors

The world is gorgeous and its greatest glory lies in the diversity of its people, culture and geographical demarcations. When we step out of our homes to travel, the thrill is not in just visiting famous monuments or ticking off bucket lists but it is in indulging in local foods, learning about new communities, rejoicing in different cultures and of course, observing the distinct architectural designs and home décor styles. It is almost impossible to not notice the different factors that are taken into consideration for interior designs and architectural styling across different countries in the world. You ought to notice the choice of home décor varies massively across geographies, from country to country—sometimes even city to city. The latter involves interesting observations if you have an eye for it.

Diversity in Home Styling

Every abode expresses a style and brings out the taste and lives of the people who live there. Be it any part of the world, home styling is an intimate and emotional showcase, often celebrated with the blend of local styles and global trends. Irrespective of the region they come from, people who are fond of home décor, want their spaces to tell stories. When they style their homes, they consider several factors like climate, heritage, cultural draws, beliefs, dreams, relatability, sustainability and personal interests. Interestingly, one of the research work shows that 62 percent of homes around the world reflect appreciation for art and showcase it in their living rooms. Last but not the least, people also draw inspiration from global trends. With globalization and growing popularity of online shopping, it has also become possible to borrow aesthetically pleasing trends from different cultures, which is very encouraging for the creative community.

In this blog, let us explore the worldly palette of interior designs and revel in the dissimilarities, diversities and uniqueness of the respective regions.

African Style Décor Ideas

The large, diverse continent is fond of earthy, vibrant and exquisite craftsmanship. Africans love geometric patterns, organic shapes, plenty of natural fibres, rugged timbers and bold colours. Aren’t you already reminded of the brightly coloured textiles of West Africa? African houses are often seen adorned with handmade items made from wood, jute, rattan, fabric and clay. The quintessential elements of African designs like portrait of an African lady, graphic mud cloth prints, animal (lions, giraffes, elephants) motifs, plenty of butterfly chairs are things that they showcase to retain a connection with natural elements.

African Style Décor

European Decorating Style

French vintage decor has been the hallmark of European decorating style. Chandeliers, vases, candle holders, busts & statues, marble and limestone fireplaces, gold framed mirrors, portraits, antique art are some of the timeless elements of traditional European interior design. Even today, Italian and French villas maintain grand antique showpieces and traditional furniture to keep it all classy and elegant. In Europe, people have held on their heritage, culture and traditions in their homes and interior décor.

The Scandinavian country style aka Nordic palette is also popular in Europe. Nordics have a thing for nude shades. They love grey painted exteriors and muted pastel colours, tons of white and cream in the inside. For the décor, they prefer ornate flowers, carved wood, lots of pottery, white oak treads, indoor planters, antique furniture, window plants and everything that is eco-friendly and natural.

European Decorating Style

Alpine region décor 

The dwellers of these snowy locations count on large window walls to see the view and cosy indoors to keep themselves warm. With chalets built from wood and stone on the outside, the locals decorate the indoor too with nature’s comforting materials. While the fireplace is usually the focal point, their love for art can be seen in antler décor pieces. They love warm undertones of dark chestnut furniture and the homes are adorned with neutral rugs, faux fur blankets, plush pillows, and soft carpets. Alpine style is unique, comforting and elegantly rustic with a heart for luxurious decor, classy furniture, warm throws and elegant accessories.


This style is well suited for warm and sunny climates. They have a versatile colour palette and their style includes lots of natural elements like terracotta, wood, rattan, tile, ceramics, wrought iron, linen, and handwoven fabrics. People in these countries like to have potted plants, interesting mirrors, decorative pillows, rustic flowers, statement vases and light pine furniture to make their décor all about fun and colours. It is very interesting to notice how they maintain their outdoor spaces like patio, balcony or terrace in accordance to the indoor decor, aiming cohesive aesthetics.

mediterranean style living room decor

English Countryside and more

English countryside is the most romanticized style achieved in English homes over generations. It was always about assortment of things that brought joy, comfort and relaxation to the locals. Their taste for artful accents reflects in their choice of panelled walls, vintage tea sets, floral tableware, throw blankets, canopy beds, etc. They love to match things with one another. Their overstuffed armchairs will be covered with plush pillows of the same pattern.  English country homes love to embrace greenery inside their homes. In the present times, the city people prefer to mix and match with patterns, chic accents, eclectic pieces by bringing in variety of elements from different time periods and emerging design trends. They use subtle and soft muted colours like subdued greens, sunny yellows, faded pinks, and watery blue for classy accessories.

American style of home décor

Americans prefer to give modern look to their homes. And here, you will see how historical and cultural influences play a significant role in designing homes. America has had many different migrants that has influenced the country’s style and preference. Americans love to have bright accents, trendy designer pieces, photo frames, etc in their rooms but they heavily focus on functionality of space and things, more than anyone else. They follow a certain lifestyle pattern which makes them look for practical, stable and durable home décor stuff. Mexican-influenced style is different and mostly about colour-pop.


Japanese Minimalism

The Zen-style Japanese look is unique. It embodies peaceful and calming interiors. This style has a craving for simplicity and focuses on clean and uncluttered décor style. Japanese harmonize with nature and they love to bring in colourful floral arrangements, greenery and spa-like environment in their homes. Bamboo is a popular wood used for decoration in Japanese homes. There isn’t many furniture in their homes. They believe in clean, simple, relaxing and natural palette.  

Japanese Minimalism

Australian style of home décor

Lately, the stellar style of Australian homes has caught interior trends. Aussies take inspiration from outdoors and implement it in their indoors. They rely on minimalist interiors but they also pick home decor essentials which add more character to their spaces. Their home décor style incorporates sophistication which mimics minimal and neutral palette, but not boring. They love to decorate their wooden accents with elegant throws, handmade cushion covers, metallic lightings and potted plants. Aussie décor is also about clean lines, organic shapes, statement pieces, sleek nooks, leafy indoor garden and functional home decor elements. The latest trends show their newfound appreciation for natural and sustainable elements like ceramics, rattan, knotted wool, jute, woven baskets, raw cotton, cane, macramé, etc.

australian home living design

Indian Extravagance

Indians love to decorate their homes with lots of love and passion. Their living rooms are comfy, cosy and vibrant. They rely on mix and match. They do not shy from experimenting with bold colours. They like to have arched mirrors, indoor plants, vintage paintings, wall hangings, artistic lamps, antique clocks, decorative motifs, wind chimes, armchairs, designer sofas, handmade carpets, statement indoor planters, one-of-a-kind artwork, etc and more in different rooms. Their appreciation for carved wood tables, chairs, and matching furniture can be seen in their royal furnishings. Indians also love to showcase culture and history from their native states, in the form of paintings, hand-made artefacts, fabric art etc.  

Middle Eastern or Arabian elegance

The Arabic style is exotic and plush. Their homes are an expression of their lifestyle. The Arabic style is all about strong, rich and warm colours. They love ornamental pieces, Persian rugs, layered fabrics, heavy lamp shades, printed pillows, Moroccan tiles, oriental patterns, luxurious furniture, wood chests, metal side tables, ottomans, mirrors, heavy curtains, etc. In fact, they love everything which lends their homes larger than life look. They have high profile furniture but they also keep floor cushions, low benches and smaller tables. The modern Arabic style is moving towards minimalism but yet, their homes reflect a beautiful blend of Islamic, Moroccan & Mediterranean style.

Hopefully, with this blog, we have introduced you with a delightfully intimate and inspiring world of home décor, which will guide you to add value to your interiors.

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