How to Decorate Your Home With Wall-Mounted Mirrors

There are no second thoughts about the fact that mirrors have been timeless home essentials and they revel in reflections. With their style and functionality, they elevate the design sense of every home. And with their shimmering and shiny appeal, they can inject a trendy affirmation even to the most boring wall.

wall mounted mirror

Decorating with mirrors is easy but requires clever play. One must know the trick of the trade to extract the best out of their attributes. They need to be positioned in a way so that they provide the best reflection. They must be hung mindfully to show off the things around them because the reflection becomes a piece of art in itself. A strategically placed mirror can transform a room, sprinkle elegance to an empty wall, lend a chic style to the décor scheme, make a creative statement and amplify the positive vibes of the house. In fact, no room should be without a mirror. You just have to let your creativity flow to include them in your home as a design feature.

Wall Mirror Decor Ideas for Every Room of the Home

They are a versatile décor element and are meant to be relevant in every room. But before we head to the rooms, a contemporary wall-mounted mirror looks great at the home’s main entrance, hallway, or living room entryways. It immediately opens up a vast space and welcomes you with its warm vibes. Mirrors at the entryway redirect the positive flow of energy into the house.

Living rooms are the best places to play with décor elements. Hanging a mirror above the sofa or a set of chairs is the easiest way to make a statement. Living rooms can have more than one blank wall. Mirrors are the best to fill those empty and dull spaces. They can also be used to create perfect symmetry and balance if there are too many things around. In fact, a mirror can be used to cover an oddly placed window in the room. Mirrors when placed behind candle holders and lamps reflect the light and make everything look more radiant. A single round mirror can be hung on the wall above a shelf or console decorated with books, planters, or souvenirs to create a unique vignette.

Hanging a mirror in the dining room is like putting up a window. It literally makes the space twice as big. As per Feng Sui, it also doubles up the family time and bonds made around the table. The feeling of space also multiplies.

In the bedroom, mirrors must be placed facing one of the windows. They bring in the outside view and light and spread it inside, beautifully. A well-placed mirror can bring in a lot of positive energy and also makes the bedroom feel more intimate.

Mirrors can add their magical touch to even a tiny apartment kitchen.

Plants and mirrors go hand in hand. Embellishing a mirror with vines or placing a batch of chic planters below a statement piece can complete an entire look of the wall. Mirrors also look great in the garden. They never fail to create that illusion of space. This way the outdoor oasis looks bigger and more beautiful.

Mirror Decor Ideas for Shared Living Areas

Shared living areas may be empty or closely packed with furniture. In both cases, mirrors may be used to reflect the good things, positive and vibrant features of the room. To make the room appear bigger, always use mirrors behind the bigger furniture. In shared living areas, everyone can have a say in the décor and together, you could create a gallery wall with different sizes and shapes of mirrors. Sometimes, shared living spaces can be dark, cluttered, and messy, thus it’s important to uplift the overall mood and bounce light around the room with the help of a mirror. Also, with mirrors, there is no wasted space because they mostly go on the walls.

What to Consider When Decorating with Mirrors

The focal point of the wall is extremely crucial while decorating the room with a mirror, but its styling is equally important.

When you are decorating your home with mirrors, it is important to maximize the effect of the reflection of a mirror. Use it cleverly to reflect maximum natural light. One must place the mirror where the light naturally falls on it so that the room appears much larger and brighter. Also, the mirrors must be strategically placed to show in the reflection of your best collections in the room. It could be your show-stopping chandelier, fancy artwork, or a wonderful light fitting.

The two thump rules for selecting a mirror are, firstly, they must fit in and complement the rest of your décor. Second, they must be hanged correctly, at the right height.

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