5 Interesting ways to get creative with serving platters

Dining and serving in style have become a modern-day trend. Urban serveware is getting creative by the minute and with the options available in the market, one must believe that innovation is at its best. Get-togethers and parties are made of fabulous company and lip-smacking food. And when your tableware and cutlery stand out, it is an added charm. Food travels through the eyes first. Just the sight of good food can uplift the mood and if it is presented well, it can turn a tired soul happy, any day. Experts, therefore, suggest the use of stylish platters, which make an impact, irrespective of the occasion. Sometimes, it can be fun to have serving platters as unique as the food itself.

At Moonwit, we are mighty impressed with these multi-functional pieces of wooden serveware. And if you are fond of inviting people over and love playing a great host, this blog is meant for you Let us find out what makes these cute, hand-painted, sustainable platters, so versatile, how do they add spunk to the house parties, which is the best platter for the household that loves eating and celebrating? And most importantly, how to get creative with wooden serving platters, serving boards, and cheese platters?

Why are serving platters important?

In history, serving lavish meals to guests in intricate ornamental cutleries has always been associated with royalty and respect. In many cultures, food was served only in silver and brassware to people of high standing. It conveyed many things, like tradition, courtesy, regard, and more. Even today, using the best serving ware is about impressing the guests and putting one’s hospitality skills a notch up. It’s a given, platters are used to present food fascinatingly, to wow your gathering, and win brownie points.

Serving trays, platters and charcuterie boards have proved themselves to be trendy, innovative, durable, and adequate for all plating needs. They are modern home essentials needed for transporting as well as serving dishes and drinks. They are used for presenting and offering food most elegantly. They are aesthetically appealing and they make the home decoration even more ravishing. They direct people’s attention towards food. And if they are one of the fancy ones, picked from the hand-crafted and creative lot, they also tell a story.

What do you put on a serving platter?

Serving platters are meant to have lots of food, piled up, stacked neatly, or styled beautifully. The whole idea is to have a serving tray or a board, which can be laden with your favourite food and is easy to pass around. When food is plated well, it whets the appetite of the guests and they keep coming back for more.

Slivers of cheese with cold meat, diced vegetables with herbs, an assortment of loaves of bread, an array of appetizers, a sharing platter of chips, kebabs, nachos, some delectable desserts, gooey brownies & cupcakes, and quirky cocktail glasses.  Serving platters can hold a variety of food and drinks. They look like a match made in heaven for pita bread-hummus, tacos-guacamole, French fries- ketchup, fried chicken-salsa, etc. 

5 ways to use wooden serving platter creatively

From outlandish to classic to out-of-the-box, platters are chefs’ best friends. Some of the chefs chose to use creative and interesting serving pieces from around the world to enhance the appeal and charm of their food. The trick to making your food an instant hit at the dining table is to use a special and artistic platter, something that looks like a centerpiece on the table.

If you have a party coming up, you might want to learn some of the latest trends of using your platter creatively, here are some of the tricks from our closet.

  • Bring on some quirky snacks with a touch of panache. Play with the colours and textures of your beets, meat, bread, pasta in alfredo sauce, or teriyaki salmon, and decorate your platter in a way that it carries multiple single portions and is enough for everyone.
  • If your tray or cheese board doesn’t fit the colour scheme of your home and you wish to make it bolder and more beautiful, do some spray painting and add a personal touch with colourful pages and decoupaging. After that, you may use them to carry glasses of water, salad bowls, small plates of fruits and dry fruits, or small platters of meatballs. 
  • Pick a designer large rustic wooden platter and make tiers on it with the food items. Cookies, pastries, and mini sandwiches can be decorated in three different tiers making them look neat, colourful, and delicious.
  • How about setting up olives and cheese board? Cheese boards may be decorated with cheese, meat, and fruits, accompanied by wine tray platters. Rectangular platters may be creatively styled with different types of chips placed symmetrically with cute bowls of dips to create a visual drama. 
  • More is merrier when it comes to creating a delectable dessert platter. Put up some cakes, muffins, cookies, sweetbreads, strawberries, creams, fruits, nuts, and cherries to give a sweet finish.  

Go for a designer serving platter, always!

Remember, investing in a good serving platter is like investing in your home décor. Hence, whenever you are buying your serving platters, always be mindful of their functionality, sturdiness, weight, material made from, and most importantly, practicality. It must be artistic as well as ideal enough to carry and pass around with lots of food. If they are easy to clean and store, there couldn’t be anything better.

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