Organic Modern Designs

Organic Modern Designs

The first thing that comes to mind when we read or hear the term “Organic Modern” sustainable yet chic concept of design. Organic modern is about clean lines, well-defined shapes, and soft rounded edges. Modern organic designs are ironically about maximising the minimalist elements of any décor.

The other aspect of Modern Organic is sustainability. The modern minimalist look is achieved by using organic materials like reclaimed wood, metal, textile etc. That is the organic part of modern organic designs.

At Moonwit Studio, sustainability is the centrepiece. We take all efforts to minimise our carbon footprints. Although almost never, rather always it is an expensive proposition for any business but the benefits in long run far outweigh the margins today.

Organic modern is the "brief" at Moonwit Studio.

Our throws are made of mud cloth, which is an organic and durable textile. The platters and trays are made of organic mango wood, which is the most sustainable hardwood.

Read more about mango wood in our blog article.

Check out our serving platters and trays to serve in style, and keep it minimalistic, and organic for the yummy organic food.

All our collections including throws, platters, serving spoons, are delicately hand-made from organic and sustainable material. These are limited pieces carved by our talented but not affluent artisans.

Stay modern, go organic = save the planet :) 

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