Meenakari : A global art form that holds royalty and tradition!

Meenakari : A global art form that holds royalty and tradition!

Traditional art forms have a prominent place in any culture’s heritage, and art has a crucial role in its society. Since ancient times, various traditional art forms have originated over the period and are still existent. One such colorful art form is called Meenakari or Minakari. It is an art form of colouring and ornamenting on a metal surface. Meenakari is known to be one of the most famous art forms that have been used since ancient times and continue to flourish till today. 

About Meenakari Art Form

Meenakari art is created on a metal surface by enamelling, ornamenting and painting on the metal. The metal is then put in a kiln to fuse with the painting and ornaments permanently. Meenakari art is one of the most expensive art forms sold globally. Whether it is the decorative pieces or functional tools or kitchen utensils, you can find Meenakari art on a wide range of products. It is a very innovative art form that includes numerous attractive colours, paintings, patterns, and designs. These days Meenakari is also used on clothes.

Origin of Meenakari 

Meenakari also spelt as Minakari, is an art form which was originated in Persia. Mina is the feminine version of Minoo, which in Persian means Heaven.

Meenakari is Persian art of colouring and was accepted widely by Greeks, Chinese, Russian, and many more. Mughal invaders brought Meenakari to India via a Persian artist based in Lahore. Its creative designs, unique colour combinations, and attractive looks allow people to adapt and imagine.

Jaipur, a city of Rajasthan based in North India also known as Pink city, became the hub for Meenakari. The art has been most embraced by the artisans in Jaipur, who have their distinctive way of the Champlevé style. The technique is dearly held and is passed on to generations as inheritance. Meenakari is also one of the artforms in India, which signifies Royalty and a status symbol of the high-class society. 

Use of Meenakari Art Form

It is a common misconception that Meenakari is only used on ornaments and jewellery. It indeed is not confined to the jewellery only; it used on multiple products, often with the copper base or marble base, including bowls, vases, spoons, figures of deities, wall pieces, and many more.

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